Miss Himalaya Global

Miss Himalaya Global 2019 Application

Application for the 2019 Miss Himalaya Global
will open in January 2019 and will close on 30 April 2019.

The form below is available so you see what is needed and prepare your photos and documents, to be ready when the application opens.

You will have any easier time filling the form if you prepare all your data, essays, and photos, before you start.

It is best to view and fill the form on a computer, not on a mobile, as the form is too long and complex for mobile.

Please contact the Director if you need more information.

criteria The criteria to compete in the Miss Himalaya Global Pageant are below, and the terms and conditions are here.

Criteria in order to apply as a contestant for the Global Miss Himalaya Pageant:

  1. Applicants should be born to parents of Himalayan cultural background.
  2. Between 17 and 25 years of age.
  3. Minimum 165 cm in height.
  4. Unmarried and not having given birth.
  5. Entry fee: An entry fee of $100 is required as a sign of good faith. Your application will not be considered until receipt of your entry fee, which must be transferred to the Director Lobsang Wangyal by 15 May 2019 to Account no: 10219842549, State Bank of India, IFSC Code: SBIN 0004250.
  6. Participants will bear their own travelling expenses to and from the Pageant venue. Food, accommodation, and local travel at the venue will be provided by Miss Himalaya Global.

The last date to submit your application will be 30 April 2019.

read and agree

I have read and understood the criteria and the notice to process my passport/travel document if I don't have one. The information I provide in the following are all true and I shall be responsible for any misinformation by which I may get rejected to compete. I also understand that the organisers will not use my e-mail for any other purposes.

contact information
First Name
Second Name
Family Name / Surname: (optional)
Address - line 1
Address - line 2 (optional)
Postal code:
Your Email Address
Phone/Mobile (Include country and area codes):
country code
personal information
date of birth:

about you
language preference:
do you have any prior modelling experience?
on the web?
What are your future goals in your life?
Write a short essay about Himalayan culture, traditions, people, environment, etc.
document upload

All files must be .jpg format.
They must be web-size: 72 or 96 dpi, less than 1MB each

1. Proof of date of birth: Any document showing your date of birth: Your official birth certificate; a certificate issued by hospital where you were born; in India, your Class X certificate can be used.
 jpg only;
less than 1MB
2. Proof of heritage: A document to prove that you are of Himalayan ethnicity.
 jpg only;
less than 1MB

Attach two different close-up (face portrait) photos.

3. Close-up photo #1:
 jpg only;
less than 1MB
4. Close-up photo #2:
 jpg only;
less than 1MB

Attach two different full-length photos.

5. Full-length photo #1:
 jpg only;
less than 1MB
6. Full-length photo #2:
 jpg only;
less than 1MB
7. Other photo: You can upload any other photo of yourself (This is optional).
 jpg only;
less than 1MB
finish and send
Please type in these letters,
to show you are a human:
captcha (upper/lower case doesn't matter.)

Did you tick the box at top to agree to criteria?

This is a demo only.
The application form will open for submittal in January 2019.

After submitting, please wait. It will take some time for the files to upload.
NOTE: If the files are not web-size, they will be too big and will not upload:
You will have to fill the form again, with web-size files (jpg only, less than 1MB).

After this form submits, you will see a "Thank you" page,
and you will receive a confirmation email.

Entry fee information will be in that email, and is also on the Criteria page.

Email [email protected] for any questions you might have.

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